Primary School Rugby decided to investigate what changes have been made to rugby laws for 2019?

First Rule change

Law 15.4: Offside at the ruck

New rugby rule - offside at a ruck

The new law defines the offside lines in a ruck as being a “line that runs parallel to the goal line through the hindmost point of any ruck participant.”

Previously it was the hindmost foot of the player on your own team. This recognizes that in a ruck players are likely to be on the ground and not necessarily on their feet.

Second Rule Change

Law 19.30 Offside at the scrum

Scrum halves – pay attention!!

Rugby rules change

This change hasn’t been announced as such anywhere, but actually solves a problem for referees which we’ve just tried to “manage” for years.
In the new 2019 law book, going into that space is now a penalty offence.

Third new Law Change

18.25 Blocking the throw at the lineout

Law 18.25 Opposition players must not block the throw. Sanction: Free-kick. 

Fourth new law Change

Law 9.26 – Don’t drop a team mate

You may remember that last year, World Rugby added a new law to mandate that a player lifting a teammate, brings that player back down to ground safely. This is included in the 2019 law book as Law 9.26