North vs South 19 – 22 April 2019

Paarl Gimnasium Primary has created an unique and clever tournament that has been long overdue. It is different to other Primary School Rugby weeks such as Marlow and Wildeklawer due to the format and the manner in which the tournament will be played. North vs South says it all. Strength vs Strength.

The tournament will start with a function tonight where North Teams and South Teams will pick lots to determine who plays who on the first day. Then in True Ryder Cup Fashion, a manager/coach will then be selected or appointed as a captain to represent the north teams and a manager/captain will be chosen to represent the south teams and as from day 2 and 3 he will then strategically decide who plays who. The schools playing will gain a point for each win and a win result will give their region a point. The teams will be hoping to win 3 from 3 games and walk away undefeated and give their region the win.

The North Primary schools that will be attending the tournament needs no introduction and are coming with a point to prove. They are

  1. Rooihuiskraal Laerskool who won the Grey Super Series this year pictured below
  2. Kenmare Laerskool
  3. Randhart Laerskool
  4. Helderkruin Laerskool
  5. Florida Laerskool

The South schools will also want to prove that they can handle big packs and that they have home advantage and will use the wet weather forecasts to their advantage. They are

  1. Paarl Gimnasium the hosts
  2. Bastion Primary
  3. Lochnerhof Primary
  4. Worcester Primary
  5. Sunridge Primary

Some of the interesting battles that could evolve would be Paarl Gimnasium facing Rooihuiskraal again as they played each other twice at the Grey Super Series and each team had lost once and won once.

Day 1 starts at Cheve Rugby fields on Friday with first round of rugby matches starting at 1030 and the last and 5th round starting at 1600.

Day 2 will be at the Boland Landbou fields which will be on Saturday starting at 1000 and the last round starting at 1600.

Day 3 and the final day will be back at the Cheve fields with an early start of 0800 for the first round and 1200 start for the last and 5th round.

Get ready for a great spectacle with rugby being played at its best. Forget Super Rugby, Forget Highschool Rugby come and support Primary Schools playing fantastic rugby!!

A team will be picked at the end of the tournament comprising of 35 boys who will tour to Ireland.

The following sponsors has ensured this tournament is possible and that we are able to see the best play against each other. Thank you to all the below Sponsors!